Israel’s #1 ENEMY: How Jackson Hinkle "TOOK ON the STATE and WON” | Guest: Jackson Hinkle

DESCRIPTION: Jackson Hinkle is the #1 enemy of Ukraine and Israel. Not to mention the USA doesn't like him either and weaponized the DHS to intimidate him upon returning to his home country. He says he's MAGA but also communist, not sure what that means, but we'll find out. Plus, he was put on the kill list for Ukraine's intelligence service, is the enemy of Israeli propaganda, and the #1 account on X/ Twitter, with billions of impressions trying to combat the military industrial complex. His critics accuse him of being a grifter, but he says he's completely genuine and not being paid by any country. Let's get into the dive with Jackson Hinkle.

Nov 21st, 2023

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