The Summer of Floyd was 4 years ago, and you can recall it with me. I suspect we'll share some common ground.

When a NYC-based venture capitalist is discovered in his SoHo apartment, decapitated and dismembered, an electric saw on the flood nearby, NYPD detectives quickly find the man responsible.

The motive involved a curious combination of money, desperation and French gash.

Stunning new details have emerged in this murder case.

In Richmond Hill, Queens, the original murder is reenacted by an older brother who just couldn't stomach his younger brother's seeming prominence in the family. He shot the fck out of him and, in a twist on Cain & Able, then blew his own brains out.

Dead woman in Times Square. Stabbed to death, and police are seeking a female suspect.

Plus Doug Nelson's New York Post Stories.

At over 90 minutes, this episode is packed with crime stories, videos, short weirdies and more.

Jun 16th, 2024

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